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Why an Electric Can Opener Won’t Top My List

For me, an electric version of any gadget is preferable because it will obviously be convenient in handling and effective in performance. However, my experience with electric can openers has left me disappointed due to their inability to prove their worth over the manual openers.

can openerLet me begin by the qualities I feel the best can opener 2016 should meet. Any can opener, whether a top cut or side cut, should be easy to handle. Can openers are potentially dangerous and can cause deep cuts if the designs expose sharp edges or if the opener leaves jagged edges on the can. A good opener should have a smooth and firm grip and should require little effort when handling. In my opinion, it should work just as well when when being used by an elderly person. My experience with electric can openers has established that some of them are painfully slow while others, especially the battery powered ones, have the tendency of stopping abruptly.

The size and bulk of the opener should also be a consideration because space is of key importance in the kitchen. A perfect can opener should fit easily in your drawers so that you do not have the additional stress of finding room for the gadget. Evidently, electric can openers fail in this perspective because most of them are bulkier and larger than the manual versions. So if you worry about space, an electric can opener will definitely accomplish the task but give you additional stress when it comes to storage.

When it comes to can openers, I prefer to stick to the manual versions because newer designs are easy to handle and effective in performance. Perhaps, I might change my mind in future if manufacturers are able to come up with electrical designs that overcome the challenges mentioned above. Apparently, finding the best version for this humble kitchen gadget is a riddle most people have been unable to solve.

My Personal Experience When Buying an Elliptical Machine for My Home

I was moving to a spacious home and thought buying an elliptical machine was an important thing to do. I wasn’t quite sure of what option was the most appropriate for me and after talking to a few friends, they recommended that I read through elliptical machine reviews which I quickly did.

It’s after looking at the reviews closely that I was able to come up with a list of features that I wanted in my elliptical machine. To start with, I wanted one that has a heavy flywheel because this would guarantee me a smooth motion. I also wanted an elliptical machine that could help me maximize my training. To achieve this goal, I knew I had to choose one that offers various resistance levels that allowed me adjust based on my fitness levels. I wanted a fitness machine that offered a minimum of 16 fitness levels.

Also, I wanted an elliptical machine that has a quiet magnetic-braking, stride length that can be adjusted and comfortable handle bars. These incredible features make physical training at home worthwhile. I knew quite well that it can be very hard exercising when I’m in an awkward position, so taking my comfort into account can help. Nonetheless, I wanted a workout machine that could fit the space that’s available in my home.

I also understood that even with all excellent features, an elliptical machine cannot serve me well if it doesn’t have easy to use controls. I wanted one that can be controlled from the center console, especially when I want to start training, make adjustments or end my training. Also, I wanted a machine whose manufacturer offers solid customer service and warranty on parts and labor.

Fortunately, there were several options of elliptical machines from reputable manufacturers that I could choose from. A number of them had a price tag that suited my requirements. I’m glad that I read through several elliptical machine reviews that helped me make an informed decision.

Why I love my ceramic knives set

My sister in law has been recommending ceramic knives for years and I had always avoided getting some because I thought they would be very expensive. I also had some very nice Japanese knives that did a great job but the handles of all the knives were in very bad shape and I decided that an accident was bound to happen at some point and decided to switch. So, I started to look for a good kitchen knives set review on the internet and stumbled on some great ceramic kitchen knives reviews. Since it was my first time buying ceramic knives, I decided not to spend too much on the set. I put off buying the knives because I could not decide between a few sets and they all seemed to have good reviews and were in my price range.


Weeks later, I was over at my neighbor’s house for a barbecue and was asked to cut the vegetables for a salad. When I went to use their knife, it was a blunt little thing that made the job way harder than it should have been and made a mess of the vegetables. My sister in law was there and seeing the mess that I had made, started to badger me about the ceramic knives she had again. She even looked up the set she uses on her phone and ordered them for me. Now, it would have been foolish to refuse a gift and it was the perfect way to test out some ceramic knives without spending any money.

Honestly, when they arrived a few days later, I had already forgotten about them being ordered for me, so it was a very pleasant surprise on a busy day. I opened up the package later that evening before cooking dinner and pulled out these knives with blades colored like I had never seen before. This was definitely going to be a new experience. Now, I absolutely love them. I love that the blade is always sharp and does not need to be sharpening like my Japanese knives. I love that my children done complain about the tomatoes tasting metallic and I love that they never rust and the handles stay like new. I still use metal knives but only for meat because I am scared to have the ceramic ones near bones. Even though these seem hardy, I do not want them to break. So, the next time my sister in law recommends something, I am going to listen to her. More on ceramic knife in this article.

Getting an Elliptical Trainer for Mother

At sixty years with no physical exercises, my mother was growing overweight and we were all worried that she might develop some lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Obesity ran in our family and were it not for the intervention of dad, we would all be these bunch of plump and unsightly youths. Dad had always ensured that we engaged in daily physical exercises. Though we saw it as punishment in our teenage years, we later came to appreciate his efforts when we became leaner and had a better self-image. Now, dad –the family physical exercise trainer–was no more and mum was becoming fat again. We indeed had a reason to get worried. It was Jacob, my elder brother who saved the day. He suggested that we get mum an elliptical trainer. At first, mother was apprehensive; she did not know how to buy and use the best elliptical trainer at home. We decided to help her get one.


As a family, we all tasked ourselves to window shop for the best elliptical trainer from gym shops and online stores that stocked gym equipment. We gathered a lot of reviews and referrals about the trainers. In our quest, we realized that the elliptical trainer was the best gym equipment for mother.

For one, it would simulate her walking, stairs climbing and running. Unlike a treadmill or stationary bike, mother would be able to fully engage in cardiovascular exercises without putting too much pressure on her joints. Mother preferred a centre drive elliptical trainer to the older rear drive and front drive trainers since it would give her better arm and leg exercises. She could also pedal both in reverse and front directions. We were all happy since apart from the amazing efficiency of the elliptical trainer, it was going at friendly prices ranging from $250 to $4000.

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Advice on Buying Sewing Machines

My history in sewing starts back when I first made an apron for my mother at the tender age of ten using an old sewing machine that my grandmother had inherited from my great grandmother—that was before I knew sewing machine reviews existed! Of course, I was guided by my aunt in coming up with the right measurements and cuttings though I did the actual sewing. However, when I presented the apron to my mother on her fortieth birthday with a card attached at the edge of the fabric saying, “Handmade with lots of love by your daughter Miguel”, the joy that was written on her face inspired a blossoming passion for sewing in me. Since then, sewing has been my hobby and over the many years that I have sewn, I have advanced in the craft and have mastered an inimitable dexterity in the skill.
Today, I sew professionally and long gone are the days when I would sew under the tutelage of my maternal aunt. From the more than twenty years I have sewn, I have also come to realize that the quality of my sewing largely depends on the age of the sewing machine, its type and functionalities. The quality of sewing in a machine also varies as their prices vary. It is quite unfortunate that on buying a sewing machine, one cannot tell how long the machine will continue sewing impeccably even when they maintain it in good working condition.

When buying a sewing machine, I advise people to not only read through the sewing machine reviews but also to consider the machine functionality they want it for. A sewing beginner would need a simple sewing machine without as much functionality as opposed to a sewing professional who needs a more complex machine since they are likely to be repeating the same tasks over and over. One should also consider the price. Though cheap is expensive, you should carefully evaluate the prices lest you are ripped off your money. The cheapest sewing machine can go for as low as $150 but you need to examine its functionalities whether they are aligned to your needs before you jump into this cheap deal.

Choosing a Bread Machine

homemade-bread (1)

Choosing the right bread machine is not an easy task. This is because bread gadgets come with a number of different features and funtionality. There are several models to choose from depending on your budget and needs as well. I learnt a lot about bread appliances over the past years. I have been buying and testing out the top rated bread machine in order to make sure that it meets my needs. The top leading bread instruments include Zojirushi BB-PAC20, Panasonic SD-BMT1000, Breville BBM800XL and more. These appliances have several settings which make them reliable.

Here are some of the things you should consider when buying bread machine. Many people look for color, design, and many other personal preferences. The important features you should consider include the bread size, bread shape, product reviews,bread pan and more. Interestingly, some of us rush to buy home appliance without considering these things and thus making wrong choices at the end of the day. For instance, if you have a large family, it is wise to select a bread machine that can make 3-pound loaves instead of 1-pound. The latest instruments can make all shapes of bread ranging from rectangle, square, cylindrical and so on.

There are reasons why we buy bread machines. However, the obvious reason is the need to make bread at home. Also some people may be tired of buying bread every day. It is worth mentioning that some individuals would like to regulate what ingredients are to be used in their choice of bread or even they want to reduce expenses, especially for people consuming gluten free bread. With bread machines, you can make other different foods such as steamed bread, cakes and so on. Since bread gadgets are versatile equipment, there is no need to buy other appliances, particularly if you are living in a small house. No matter the reason, choose the best bread machine which can address your baking issues.

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How I Mixed Business and Pleasure in Malaysia

When my boss offered to let me work outside the office, I grabbed the opportunity at once. The only requirement was that I be reachable by phone, otherwise, management could not care less even if I was in Galapagos. It was the perfect time to cross off some of the items in my bucket list. My first stop was Malaysia, a multicultural country with diverse sights. Although I was itching to explore at once, the first thing I did after I checked into my hotel was to set up a virtual office address in Kuala Lumpur.

One of the best reasons to visit Malaysia is that the cost of living there is cheap. I did my research at the airport and had several places in mind that offered competitive rates. I was planning to stay for 2-3 months in the country so I studied my options. I did the math, and found that I would be paying less if I establish an office virtual address in Kuala Lumpur rather than rent my own office space. Not only was my overhead lower, I had an office that would handle my calls, allow me to conduct conference calls or face-to-face meetings, and a place to do work. It was a sweet deal.
meeting room
After a few visual inspections, I chose one that was near my hostel. It was the start of my adventure. I would start the weekday by checking in with my home office to see what my work load would be. Then I would make my schedule which included plenty of time to check out the city. I worked for 3-4 hours and took my coffee to the common area so that I could meet the other virtual workers. Once I finished the task I scheduled for the day, I would then leave and get on with my exploring schedule. During weekends, I left the city to go spelunking, whitewater rafting or hiking. One time, I even went up Mt. Kinabalu, and then came down and spent a day getting a massage. It was the one of the best times of my life.

That was a few months ago, and I have since left Malaysia. Nonetheless, I still look back fondly to this place because it was the first time that I was able to mix business with pleasure easily. Sure, I can still do that now, but its a lot harder. A virtual office address in Kuala Lumpur is one of the cheapest in Asia, and offer many services that virtual workers need. I hope that other cities would follow their example soon.

Air Beds for My Guests

Air beds are great to have around because they can be very useful when visitors are staying over night. They are easy to set up and store. They are also great for camping or even as swimming floaters. If you are thinking of replacing your current mattress or bed, air beds are also very much recommended. (Learn more on how to choose)

bedThe following are the best air bed reviews:

Intex Comfort Frame Airbed Kit

This specific air bed model has gotten a lot of great Intex air bed reviews. The brand name Intex alone is enough to convince everyone that this model is a high quality product. It is available in traditional sizes and comes with high-powered electric pump for easy inflation and deflation. For people who are looking for the best bed options for overnight guests, sleepover and camping trips, Intex air beds are the best alternatives.

Coleman Quickbed with Pump Combo

This air bed comes with built-in pump for easy inflation and for instant comfortable snoozing experience. It also comes with good features such as innovative air lock system, comfortable velvet top, supportive 48 coils and leak proof. It is best to take on camping trips because it does not require electricity to inflate and deflate.

If you are looking for an air bed that is going to provide great performance, without leaks and possible loss of air all through the night, Coleman Quickbed Air Mattress Combo with pump is the best one for you.

Simmons Beautyrest Double Hi-Loft 17″ Express Airbed

The Simmons Beautyrest double hi-loft 17″ express airbed is the perfect option as a spare bed for overnight guests. This model has a built in pillow that offers great comfort. The velveteen top is waterproof and offer additional comfort. It also comes with a hands-free electric pump for easy inflation and deflation. There is also an adapter that can be used with other inflatable items at home.

Whether an air bed is being acquired to accommodate overnight guests, sleepovers or for camping adventures, it is always great to be able to offer high quality sleep. Therefore, it is essential to read air bed reviews 2014 so that you get only the best and useful information.

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